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Captain Riley Jack Currie is an experienced USCG certified captain. He has been working in the charter industry on the Gulf Coast for years, sharing a love for the water and wildlife in this area. He learned to sail when he was four years old and the wind and water is a part of him. You will find Riley laughing and swapping stories with anyone he meets, and his fun-loving attitude ensures you will feel at home the minute you step aboard.


Captain Rachel Reich learned how to sail while she was living in Thailand. She quickly fell in love with the freedom of the sea and moving with the natural rhythm of the water and has been pursuing it ever since. She is a qualified USCG certified Captain, our very own booking specialist, and charcuterie curator.



Of course we can't forget our sailing pup Jed! He is the sweetest dog you'll ever meet, and often joins us on charters. He enjoys long naps on the bow, cuddling below the captains feet and long walks on the beach when we get back to shore!

Utilizing our knowledge of the area, we will share our love of the history Pensacola Beach and the unique ecosystem that exists where the Gulf meets the Bay. We are passionate about sharing our love of sailing and inspiring others to use less while they enjoy the seas. If you're interested in learning, we love to teach! We will happily guide you through manning the helm, raising and trimming the sails, and safe practices aboard.

Created by world travelers and environmentalists, Travelin’ Light represents a way of life to tread light on our planet and adventure more.

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