Park in the Frisky Dolphin restaurant/ Sandbar parking lot. Your car will be fine there for our sailing excursion. There is typically enough parking, but in the case that it is full there is more public parking across the street.

Yes! We serve complimentary beer/ wine, but encourage you to bring your own if you want something specific. We ask that you do not bring red wine, as it stains our deck and the motion of the boat often causes spilled beverages.

Yes! You can also use the restroom at the Frisky Dolphin before boarding.

If your the parking lot, walk towards the water. You will see many boats in the Marina, if you look back towards the restaurant from the water, you will see Sabine Marina on the building, you're in the right place! If you see a red building /restaurant, you are close but not in the right place. Walk towards the blue building. One of our crew members will meet you by the gate in the back corner of the parking lot. Still lost? Just call (850)621- SAIL

We love creating custom experiences for you and your loved ones! Private trips offer the most customization possible from how long your trip is, a special pickup location, or sailing to a destination. We offer many add-ons to our trips like charcuterie boards, veggie boards, flowers, champagne and more to make your trip extra special. If  you have an idea, we would love to work with you to make it a reality.

Typically seasickness is not common on our cruises. Sapphire is steady and sailing provides much more stability than power boats. We are diligent about communicating if the weather looks rough and making sure everyone is comfortable. If your really nervous about it, there's no harm intaking a Dramamine before your cruise however we have never had guests get sea sick in the past!

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